How to support staff’s mental health in the workplace

Find out the steps businesses can take to support the mental health of employees in the workplace

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Want to do more to support the mental health of your staff in the workplace? Check out our best tips

We know that one in six workers experiences common mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, this is only set to worsen, as many of us are worried about the cost of living crisis and the consequences this will have

Mind in the City’s team of expert mental health trainers have put together their top tips for businesses looking to support the mental health of their employees. Read through their advice for making a positive change to your  workplace culture, and book in a session with us to make a lasting change

Maintain a positive work/life balance:

When staff are working from home it’s not uncommon for them to work longer hours and take fewer breaks. Try setting a reminder in your diary for when you staff should finish working, and make sure to take they take at least a 30 minute lunch break

Set aside time to focus:

For many of us Zoom, Slack and Teams have become an important part of our working day, but it can also make it a lot harder to find quiet time to concentrate. Encourage staff to temporarily mute notifications for an hour or so when working on larger projects

Commit to making a change in the long-run

There is no quick fix to changing workplace culture or improving the wellbeing of your employees. If you want to make a meaningful and lasting change, book a session with one of our expert trainers today by filling in the form below

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