Mind in the City is an innovative training, consultancy, and wellbeing initiative for businesses in the City of London

It’s important now more than ever that we look after our mental health and wellbeing – and in the workplace, this has never been so crucial. For many of us, our ways of working have suddenly changed and we are facing new pressures. We know that this causes uncertainty professionally and personally.

Mind in the City equips businesses with the awareness, tools and confidence to not only address but prevent poor mental health caused or worsened by work. With mental ill-health costing UK employers an estimated £42 billion each year, and more people than ever at work with a mental health problem, Mind in the City will not only save money for companies but more crucially save lives and livelihoods.


We offer a bespoke range of training, consultancy, and wellbeing initiatives to support and improve wellbeing in the workplace.

Our experience allows us to effectively work with forward-thinking employers who want to demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility, reduce lost profitability, and create healthy workplaces for their employees.

We know that each business’s culture is unique and that creating change around mental health is a complex task that requires a multi-tiered approach. Our team of experts are uniquely positioned to support any business looking to make a positive change for their staff’s wellbeing.

Mind in the City is here to ensure that nobody has to face a mental health problem without support and respect.

How our services can benefit your needs:


Poor mental health in the workplace costs UK employers up to £56 billion a year, with 61% of employees citing poor mental health as the reason they left their jobs

Our cost-effective training and consultancy can help you to save money in the long run

Sustainable Change

Our trainers can support your staff to spot the signs and symptoms of poor mental health in the workplace, to break the stigma, and start conversations - creating change that lasts

Support the community

We're a non-profit, so funds received for our training products are invested into supporting people who need help in the community

By booking your training with us you're supporting a cause you can feel good about

What our clients say

I am very grateful to have gone on this training and I wish all workplaces and communities had access to this

Mental Health First Aid attendee

The whole session was very helpful. I cannot recommend this highly enough and would encourage all my colleagues to attend

Managing Mental Health at work attendee

I’ve been a manager for over two years with no mental health training…I have learned all I know from this course

Managing Mental Health at Work Participant

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